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Little Genius Architecture

Little Genius Architecture

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Little Genius . . . where curious kids can learn and laugh while being captivated by the world around them. 

A first architecture book for little geniuses!

Architects are artists 
and scientists as well.
They design the spaces where we 
shop, learn, visit, and dwell. 

From drawing houses with crayons to building with Legos and blocks, children are born architects! And Little Genius: Architecture is a child’s first look at the incredible work that architects do. Each spread features one or more amazing buildings or architectural feats, such as the Taj Mahal, the Chrysler Building, the Great Wall of China, the Parthenon, the Sydney Opera House, the Great Mosque of Djenné, and more!!! Also, a few terms such as Gothic and Art Deco are introduced without weighing down the lilting, rhyming text. With dynamic artwork by illustrator and architect Jomike Tejido, children will enjoy reading and re-reading this educational and fun book!
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